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At home physiotherapy services based in Midhurst and serving
West Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire

Sussex Physio provide local people with trusted physiotherapy assessment and personalised treatment, in the comfort and convenience of their own home or residential setting. For many, travelling to appointments is difficult and we feel that being seen in your own environment can help treatments and advice be tailored to fit in with your lifestyle.

We specialise in providing rehabilitation and advice for a range of problems or conditions, such as mobility or balance problems, post-operative issues, regaining function after an illness or fall, breathing difficulties, long term neurological conditions (eg Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or Stroke), living with and beyond cancer, dementia and end of life care.

Sussex Physio can help you maximise function, maintain your independence and cherish enjoyment in everyday life!

'Recovery from an operation, hospital stay, fall or injury'

Physiotherapy can help you recover your strength, fitness, movement, function and confidence after suffering any of the following:

An operation I An injury I A fall I A hospital stay I Long period of inactivity I Chemotherapy or radiotherapy I An illness alongside a long term health condition I A neurological diagnosis of a stroke I Multiple sclerosis I Parkinson’s Disease.

We understand that accessing Physiotherapy when you need it, is essential in recovering quickly. Sussex Physio will assess your needs and use a range of skills to get you on the road to recovery and independence. Assessments and treatments will be adapted to suit your needs.

Some people choose to stay at a family member’s home or a residential setting for respite temporarily. This can sometimes make arranging Physiotherapy difficult as you are not in your usual area. Sussex Physio do not require a referral from a hospital or GP, making access to the treatment you need simpler. We are happy to liaise with the hospital therapists or Consultants as needed and refer you onto services in your own locality when you choose to return home. This makes discharge and returning home less stressful.

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Oncology Physiotherapy
'Helping alleviate some of the symptoms experienced by cancer patients'

Cancer and it’s treatments can affect people’s function and quality of life caused by a range of physical symptoms:

Cancer related fatigue I General weakness / Deconditioning I Loss of balance or coordination I Reduced mobility I Joint pain I Breathlessness I Osteoporosis I Weight changes I Changes in urinary and bowel function I Peripheral neuropathy (tingling / numbness in hands and / or feet) I Reduced ability to do day to day tasks.

We work closely with the local Macmillan team in Midhurst . Our aim at Sussex Physio is to enable you to improve your quality of life, to live well with and beyond cancer.

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Preventative Physiotherapy
'Advice and treatment to improve your balance, mobility, functional independance and overall fitness'

As we get older, day to day tasks can become a struggle, luckily Physiotherapy can help. Some of the issues we regularly treat are:

Improving your walking indoors or outdoors I Helping you go up and down stairs safely I Helping you with transfers in / out of bed or chairs I Reducing your falls risk I Improving your strength and balance through exercises I Improving your fitness and confidence I Helping you reduce your risk of chest infections I Muscle tightness or postural changes.

We want to help you maximise your function and maintain your independence, so you can enjoy every day!

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Dementia Care
'Tailored bespoke physiotherapy treatment and advice for people with dementia'

At Sussex Physio we have extensive experience of working with older people with dementia. We tailor our assessments and treatments to suit the person’s mood and communication needs. This enables us to get the person engaged and regain function.

We understand it can be difficult to arrange Physiotherapy for people in residential or nursing homes. We at Sussex Physio will happily visit any residential setting. We work closely with family and care home staff, to make sure our treatment plan is realistic and sensible and that exercises, techniques and recommendations we make form part of the daily care plan.

We know it can be difficult having to make the sometimes rushed decision about family members moving to a new home and that it can be unsettling for all involved. With our professional and personal experience dealing with these transitions, we are well placed to help make this time easier with a friendly face if you feel your relative would benefit from Physiotherapy.

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'Exercise and advice to help with breathing difficulties and long term conditions'

Physiotherapy can help you if you have a problem with your breathing in many ways. Breathing problems can affect how you live your life. We can help you with issues such as:

Managing and preventing chest infections I Managing chest clearance (producing phlegm) I Managing breathlessness and fatigue I Managing anxiety I How to exercise safely.

Common conditions we treat are:

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) I Bronchiectasis I Pulmonary Fibrosis I Chronic Cardiac Failure I Lung cancer I Post hospital discharge after chest infections / long period of inactivity.

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